Business Coaching & Consulting

Business Coaching & Consulting

your expertise, our Expert advice. 

As business coaches, we draw up the plan and you execute the plan step by step to achieve the desired results.

As business consultants, we brainstorm with our clients to identify any issues and the solutions to move your business forward.

Davis Thorpe & Associates has over 20 years of experience advising business owners on a wide array of ideas and procedures to help our clients improve their customer experience, increase sales, marketing, Audience targeting, developing management skills and automation. We’ve worked with many business types, from small to medium retail stores, to a wide range of e-commerce services types and 1000’s of startup businesses.

Our Coaching/Consulting services are focused in the following areas:

Leadership & Management

Time Management & Productivity

& Marketing

Money & Finances



Choose The Coaching/Consulting Package That Fits Your Situation

Monthly Contract


3, 6, and 12-month contracts available

A La Carte

pricing and availability provided on request

*Hours in addition to those agreed upon in contract available upon request with special pricing.

Please note

  1. We have a limited number of hours for our coaching/consulting services. Once we are booked to full capacity you will put on our waiting list for the next available opening. 
  2. After our agreed upon contract we offer on going coaching/consulting for $99.99, for 30 min appointment per month, no contract, cancel anytime. We find that our clients have new questions and challenges as their business grows and like having an expert to ask questions and bounce ideas off of. With our ongoing service you can rest easy knowing you’re never alone and have someone you can trust and rely on. 
  3. Our services do not include any 3rd party cost that may incur, i.e. CRM software, email drip campaign, marketing software or agency, fees or interest from lending or credit acquired, etc.
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