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4 Strategies for Handling Customer Complaints

No business wants to deal with customer complaints. When a customer has a bad experience, you must be prepared for them to express their opinions on social media and online review platforms. So, good customer service should be a priority for your business. Unfortunately, even when you make sure your customers are always taken care of, a complaint will inevitably show up. When they do, you can use this as an opportunity to shine. Today, we have a few essential tips for handling customer complaints:

1. Stay calm.

Even if the customer is extremely upset, make sure you stay calm. It may not be easy, especially if it appears the customer is unreasonable, but getting upset or yelling at the customer will only make the situation worse. Try using techniques such as listening carefully to what the customer is saying, repeating back to them how you’ve interpreted their words, and respond positively. Being the calm force in a difficult situation can improve the situation for both of you.

2. Ask questions.

Once you have fully understood the situation, take the time to ask your customer questions. You want to get all the facts, so ask questions that clarify any information you still need. Avoid any questions that make them repeat themselves because that will only make them angry. You want to get to the root of the problem, which can highlight areas of improvement for your business and provide insight into the best resolution.

3. Be proactive.

News travels fast, and customer complaints seem to travel even more quickly. So, you don’t want to ignore any customer complaints that get shared online. You’ll want to start by apologizing, validating the customer’s issue, and resolve it privately. Either send the customer a private message or invite them to contact you directly to take care of the issue. Most importantly, make sure to quickly solve the problem when they contact you, whether it’s their money back, free replacement, or a free month of services.

4. Apologize and provide a solution.

Whether in-person, online, or on the phone, when resolving complaints, apologize and offer a real solution to the problem. If the customer has been particularly rude, this may not be easy to do, but this will go a long way to diffusing the situation and potentially repair your relationship with them. When offering a solution, try to go the extra mile. Of course, you never want to provide something you can’t fulfill, but a quick refund, a replacement product, or even a small gift card goes a long way. If you have a staff of employees, give them the freedom to offer solutions to customers.

You need a strong, loyal customer base for your business to grow. So, learning how to resolve customer complaints best is an excellent way to keep your customers happy and any negative reviews at bay. Need a boost for your business? Contact us at Davis Thorpe and Associates for a free consultation.

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