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5 Tips for Running Your Business from Home

Working from home has its perks. You don’t have a long commute, you spend less on your wardrobe, and you have the luxuries of home right at your fingertips. However, there is a definite downside, one that many people are running into these days. Running your business from home can mean working longer hours and having no division between your home life versus your work life. If you are struggling to find a balance and be successful in managing your business from home, these five tips will help:

1. Get ready for your workday.

One of the most well-known pieces of professional advice is: dress the part. You are running a business, and even if the only one who sees you working is the family pet, you still want to dress for success. It may be tempting to lounge around in sweats, but you will function a lot better by getting ready for your workday as if you were getting ready to go into an office. Best of all, after your day ends, you can put on clothes to relax in, which helps define your day’s beginning and ending.

2. Schedule your workday.

One of the perks owning your business is that you get to dictate how you run your day. However, having a set schedule can still help you reduce your stress. Whether you decide to work the standard 9 AM to 5 PM or something like 12 PM to 8 PM, it’s important you set this schedule and stick to it. Let your family, clients, and any staff you’ve hired know that these are the hours you are working, and make sure they respect these hours.

3. Set goals.

Running a business means you need a lot of self-discipline. So, to remain focused and on task, set short-term goals for your day and your week. You are your own boss, so you don’t have reviews with a supervisor to keep you on track. Also, make sure you set monthly and quarterly goals for your business.

 4. Design an office space.

Although it’s more relaxing to work from your couch or even from your bed, but to stay focused and on task, you may work better from a designated office area. If you don’t have the extra bedroom to transform into an office, or even an available attic or basement area, you may want to rearrange the furniture in your living room and dining room to make room for a desk. Add a shoji screen to separate your workspace with a creative flair.

5. Take care of yourself.

Once the workday ends, make sure you actually end it. That means walking away from your workspace. You should also take breaks and lunch hours throughout your workday. That will help your brain turn off and give you the chance to relax. As organized as your professional life is, make sure you don’t neglect your personal life. Leave room for self-care and family time to keep your life balanced.

Running your business from home is a challenge. However, adding structure and boundaries around your workspace and your time will help you succeed in the long run. If you need help with your business, contact us at Davis Thorpe and Associates for a free consultation.

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