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7 Simple Lead Magnets for You to Try

If you have never heard the term lead magnet before, you may be surprised how much you probably already know about this excellent marketing tool. A lead magnet is an incentive offered to potential customers and clients in exchange for their contact information, usually the customer’s email address. Using the right type of lead magnet helps build your email list automatically while building trust with your customer and client base. Check out this list of simple lead magnets that you can implement to boost your email list and potentially gain new customers.

1. Provide a free e-book.

E-books are an excellent way to share what you know with your potential customer or client. The best e-books to provide are easy to read and not too long. A successful e-book is more about the quality of the information rather than the actual length of the book.

You don’t need fancy self-publishing skills to develop an e-book. You can create a guide with your word processor and then turn it into a PDF that you offer to your customers in exchange for their email address.

2. Give your audience a checklist.

People love checklists, and they make excellent simple lead magnets. It’s a way to take action with easy to follow guidelines. Make sure your checklist has a specific goal in mind so that your audience has a specific goal in mind they are working towards. Checklists are another easy-to-create tool that you can provide via a PDF to your audience.

3. Share a template.

Anything can become a template. Templates are fun for people to use because they easily insert their information in the blanks. It eases their stress, especially if they are new to a particular area of business. Templates are a great tool if you have an e-course, you are trying to sell, or you are a developer or designer.

4. Offer a free trial or free sample.

If you are selling a product to your customers or clients, you consider offering a free trial or free sample of your services or product. By offering customers a chance to try out or test run your product, you are showing off what you have to offer while also collecting their email address.

5. Offer a discount.

Like free trials or free samples, discounts are one of the best ways you can draw in new leads. It also lets you know that this potential customer or client is in a buying frame of mind and will likely turn into a paying customer.

6. Offer your expertise.

If you are positioning yourself as an expert in your field, create a lead magnet that offers your expertise to your visitors. For example, if you are a social media guru, you may offer your potential clients a 30-minute free consultation.

7. Develop a quiz.

Creating a quiz is one of the best ways to grow your leads. The wonderful thing is your audience gets an interactive experience while learning about themselves. You can also use this tool to recommend a particular product or service to your clients.

There are so many lead magnets out there you can try for your business. One essential thing to keep in mind is that you want the lead magnet to benefit your customer in some way. You don’t want your customer or client walk away feeling like they gave their email address for nothing. With these, you are sure to see an improvement in your email list.

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